There is nothing better than the great outdoors! Fresh air is great for the body and the mind!


Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore! There are so many fun activities. Learn them here!


There are so many ways to move your body! Dancing, running, jumping, twirling and more.

Altai’s Mom

My son has really benefitted from Ashley’s exercise program. He has learned to love running!

Outdoor Recreation

The outdoors can be fun in any season. Whether it is fall, winter, spring or summer, there are outdoor activities to help refresh you.

Winter- Sled-riding, snowtubing and building a snowman are all great fun!

Spring- Take a long walk to look at the spring flowers, ride your bike or play tag with your friends.

Summer- Swimming, running through a sprinkler and playing on the playground are all great ways to exercise outside.

Fall- Take a hike in the woods and look at the changing leaves, throw a football or kick a soccer ball.

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Parks & Recreation

A new outlook on your local park



Bikes are Fun!

Bike with friends and family



Treasure Hunt

Make hiking fun with a treasure hunt